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ISOBELL® opens its doors to the Russian market with new certifications

News ahead for ISOBELL ® looking to the New Year: open doors for the Russian market.
It has only been a few months since the presentation of ISOBELL in the 2018 Batimat fair and the Russian market is already offering important satisfactions.

ISOBELL, absolute novelty because of its composition and characteristics, has been positively welcomed in Russia, in line with its advantages and possible uses in presence of humidity, mold and micro-cracks. Both for external and internal use and the improvement of buildings energy efficiency. A market destined to grow rapidly, which is ready to receive the first of ISOBELL’s evolutions: ISOFUE.

This innovation is thanks to the improvement work of the Research and Development team, always working on new solutions for the demands of the construction market.

ISOFUE is a material that adds to ISOBELL’s capabilities an improved fire resistance, which has granted it, from the Russian authorities, the permit to be used in accordance with the country’s anti-fire laws and regulations. New interesting scenarios are hence opened for this market: from the use in residential buildings restorations, public buildings, etc.